We Need Your Verdict On Jamie Dornan’s New Moustache

Jamie Dornan popped up on Instagram yesterday looking a little different from his normal self. Hmm, what’s the lingering above your top lip, Mr Grey? 

Facial hair is a very personal thing. Some ladies like a bit of hot fuzz on their men – hello, Bristlr dating app – some prefer them clean shaven. But when it comes to ‘taches, it’s a whole different story.

When we think of the humble moustache, the only men that generally spring to mind are Poirot and Freddie Mercury. So we were really not sure how we’d feel when we heard Jamie Dornan had gone and joined the ‘tache brigade.

One look at the 33-year-old’s Instagram account and we could see the rumour confirmed. The 50 Shades Of Grey star debuted his new face fluff via a sunny selfie of himself working a red check shirt and brown retro sunnies.

jamie dornan moustache A close-up of Jamie Dornan’s moustache, anyone?


‘My face’, he simply captioned the snap.

But one picture wasn’t enough. Clearly proud of the new ’70s lip brow he had accumulated, Jamie then treated fans to a zoomed in close-up of his new moustache, captioned: ‘#jadotville #tache.’

Jamie’s hipster facial addition is actually for his new role in Jadotville, whichtells the story of Irish Commandant Pat Quinlan, played by Jamie, who leads his troops into battle in the Congo in the ’60s.

What do we think? hot or not?

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Jamie Dornan as the clean-shaven Christian Grey in 50 Shades Of Grey Jamie Dornan as the clean-shaven Christian Grey in 50 Shades Of Grey


Jamie isn’t the only beautiful celeb man to experiment with his facial hair. Remember David Beckham’s seriously bushy beard from last month that took us all by surprise?

David’s rather full-on chin beard made its debut at the his H&M, ‘Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham’ preview in London, but whilst many were swooning at Becks’ new beard, there was one lady who wasn’t such a fan.

Speaking to James Corden on The Late Late Show on Monday night, the former footballer revealed: ‘I was in Miami and Victoria actually saw the picture and was like, “There’s no way I’m kissing you unless you shave that off,” he explained.

‘I left it for a day, and I was was like, “You know what, I’m going to have to do it.”

Bow down to VB, David.

What’s the verdict? Beards and ‘taches or clean cut? Let us know below…

david beckham at H&M collection launch with beard David Beckham showed off his bushy hipster beard earlier this year