Jeremy Scott teased fans with the movie poster for his documentary. Photo: Instagram @ItsJeremyScott

We Can’t Wait To Watch The Jeremy Scott Documentary

Always making headlines for the women he dresses on the red carpet, Jeremy Scott is making waves all of his own this week.

The Creative Director of Moschino has just been granted the ultimate fashion honour in the form of a documentary about his life. Produced by the same genius behind the film, ‘Valentino: The Last Emperor’, this documentary will focus on Jeremy’s early life and his first ever collection for Moschino. And if the trailer is anything to go by, this documentary looks set to be a smash success.

Entitled ‘Jeremy Scott: The People’s Designer’, the film appears to document how he grew from having very little in a small town in Missouri to being one of this decade’s best-loved designers. As well as insights from close friends and family, the piece also shows the likes of Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry talking about what his clothes have done for them.

No one can have avoided his work for Moschino or how his collections have stormed the red carpet. Stars like Miley, Ms Perry and Rita Ora have become reliant on him to make their red-carpet statements and he has somehow managed to make McDonalds, Barbie and The Looney Tunes the inspiration behind all of our wardrobes.

“I want my clothes to live, to party, to have fun, to create a moment,” Jeremy says in the trailer, while Katy Perry discusses how his collections tell a story. With backstage access, catwalk shots and exclusive interviews, this documentary looks set to be the fashion flick of 2015!

We’ll have to hold out until the first day of London Fashion Week, September 18th, to see the whole documentary, but we have a feeling it’s going to be worth the wait.

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By Amy de Klerk