Have You Seen Channing Tatum As Frozen’s Elsa?

Channing Tatum performing as Frozen’s very own Ice Queen Elsa? It doesn’t get any better than this. When anybody thinks of the heartthrob and Funny man, one song springs to mind, Genuwine’s Pony. We will be the first to admit alongside most of the female population, that the thoughts that usually flood our minds, are Channing Tatum showcasing his jaw dropping moves in Magic Mike, Sigh. So when we got wind of Channing playing a Disney Queen, like you our ears perked up.

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The actor showcased his singing skills by performing his hilarious version of the hit song ‘Let it go’. On the popular music comedy show ‘Lip Sync Battle’. But he didn’t just sing a few lines, this was a full out performance, with the talented dancer twirling and leaping everywhere. Oh and it doesn’t stop there, just to make the rendition just like the film itself. Channing is dressed head to toe in Elsa’s exact costume, we kid you not, blonde wig as well. Oh but it gets even better, leotard clad dancers totted around the star throwing fake snow in the air from little pink buckets, we were in stitches!

This hour-long episode features pregnant model and host Chrissy Teigen and Channing’s gorgeous wife Jenna Dewan. Who makes her own appearance on the show battling her husband, with wait for it, spray on abs. If that’s not enough reason to watch, Channng as Beyonce will definitely make you tune in. The full performance airs this Thursday, but scroll down to watch the funny snippet.



Channing Tatum now joins the ranks of mega celeb Taylor Swift, and other viral parodies of the hit song. It seems like the fascination; borderline obsession with the Disney film isn’t slowing down anytime soon. Maybe Channing will appear as a cameo in a follow up film? Now that would be uh-mazing!