Watch: Behind The Scenes With X Factor’s Head Stylist

It’s not everyday you get to see what really happens in a television studio, but lucky for us (and now you, too) we have captured some stylist tips from where all the magic happens backstage at X Factor. 

We got invited into the fashion trailer situated at the back of Fountain Studios (where the show is made) to talk high street hot picks, hot new brands and what to wear this party season… 

Gemma Sheppard has been styling on the X Fator for over 10 years – including past judges Danni Minogue, Sharon Osbourne and Tulisa.  And this year sees the contestants get a touch of Gemma’s styling magic as she takes the helm as head stylist. 

The show’s love of glamour and sequins is particularly evident on the various packed rails as we catch Gemma on rehearsals day styling up all of the contestants (that’s 3 outfits a week EACH people!).

As Andrea is trying on various jackets and Fleur checks out a sparkly line up of hot new heels, we catch up with Gemma about her best high street finds of the week along with some tips for styling up the perfect party look, plus the X Factor-approved new labels you might not have heard of. 

You can read more about what happens behind the scenes in our issue out Tuesday – just look out for Cheryl on the cover!

By Lexxi Davis