Have A Peek Round Julia Roberts’ £2.9 Million New York Home

We all love having a snoop around celebrities’ beautiful homes. So when we heard that Julia Roberts was selling her New York apartment for a cool £2.9 million, we jumped at the chance to have a cheeky peek inside.

Giving us ALL the interiors envy, the A-list actress’ 3 bed, 3 bath penthouse is so Pinterest-worthy it hurts.

julia roberts new york apartment What we would give to sink into one of those super plush armchairs…

From the parquet flooring to the sleek glass furniture and cool, clean decor, Julia’s Greenwich Village home screams contemperary modernism, but with all of the add cosy touches worthy of an A-list abode.

julia roberts new york apartment The open kitchen is tucked back away from the dining room (loving that floor)

The 50-foot lounge is modern but luxurious, boasting plush grey sofas, a stunning feature fireplace and elegant accents of navy. We like.

It’s actually surprisingly understated – no walk-in wardrobes, secret cinemas or rooftop pools – although that incredible terrace balcony with to-die-for views over Manhattan is bound to have wowed her dinner guests.

julia roberts new york apartment Julia must have held the *best* dinner parties on this stunning roof terrace…

‘Easy and breezy with a magical feeling’, the apartment is described as online. We couldn’t agree more.

So why’s she giving this beauty up? Well, we’ve heard that the Pretty Woman actress is still keeping her house in Gramercy Park, so she’s not leaving New York for good.

Now, back to swooning at those interiors…

julia roberts new york apartment Julia Roberts’ New York apartment boasts three bedrooms and three bathrooms