Wallis’ Colour-Block Tunic Is In Demand!

It’s that Wallis colour-block tunic you’ve all been waiting for. We pictured it in LOOK two months ago and since then you’ve been asking on our Facebook and Twitter pages in your hundreds when it will be out – and like us you’ve had to sit patiently.

We’ve been on the edge of our seats ready to click and shop at Wallis when it hit the virtual rails. And now it has! With the beautiful kimono cut and on-trend colour-block orange and pink, it’s a wear-all-summer wardrobe staple.

Get your cash at the ready, shoppers, because with this amount of interest we don’t expect it to hang around for very long – you’ll have to fight us to the tills! JG


Check out the rest of Wallis’ Spring/Summer 2011 collection below.