Kylie Jenner Revives The Most Unlikely ’00s Trend

There’s something freaky going on in the world of celebrity. 

Most notably, in fact, on Kylie Jenner‘s Instagram feed. 

Remember the Von Dutch trucker hats that plagued the noughties? Well, it seems they’re BACK. Like, in a pretty big way. 

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With just a quick glance at KJ’s Insta, you’ll find a handful of selfies, all with a different array of Von Dutch merch. We didn’t even have to rummage. 

And we’re completely on board. Because, who doesn’t love a cap? 

Kendall Jenner‘s with us. Only the other day, the supermodel took to her website to gush, ‘For me, the trucker hat = SPF + paparazzi control! So, why exactly did they ever go out of style in the first place?’

Kendall Jenner loves a cap, too… 




Let’s not forget the humble beginnings of the Von Dutch hat…

1. Katie Price pairs Von Dutch with… Von Dutch 

2. Coronation Street’s Nikki Sanderson was repping one back in 2004

3. Paris Hilton opted for the Von Dutch tee and velour combo. Classic. 


Tbh, she probably didn’t want to mess up her hair. 

4. ’03 Hilary Duff rocks Von Dutch JEANS 

Yup, too good. 

5. Kaley Cuoco influenced Corrie’s styling, apparently… 

6. Billie Piper rocks tricolour Von Dutch…

Because she wants to (sorry)

7. Britney Spears. 

That. Is. All. 



8. Throwback to noughties Geri Halliwell 

Viva forever.