Vivienne Westwood Designs Uniform For Virgin Atlantic Crew

Vivienne Westwood, the iconic designer behind punk, mini-crini dresses, rocking boat shoes (flat-forms to you and I) has collaborated with Virgin Atlantic on some very chic stewardess uniforms under the banner New Red Threads.

Pushing sustainability and Eco-fabrics to the fore, our Viv has set out to create a futuristic look for Virgin’s New Red Threads, drawing on her love of 40s couture silhouettes (clock the overlap waterfall blouse and pin-tucked double breasted blazer) and future fabrics including one made using recycled polyester yarn made from plastic bottles.

There’ll also be hand luggage and ground staff bags made from recycled canvas, reused roadside banners and recycled brass. Pretty outstanding but alas not for sale to non-crew members. Sigh. “Fly me to the moon in a bustier”, exclaimed one Pinterest follower.¬†Looks like we’ll all wanna be air crew for Virgin!

By Sabrina Henry, 9th May 2013

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