What Hanging Out With The VS Angels Is Really Like…

LOOK’s Beauty Ed Lydia Thompson travelled to Paris for the catwalk show of the year…

I am standing in a bright pink room, surrounded by what I can only describe as beautiful chaos… That’s because I’ve just arrived in Paris with the Victoria’s Secret Angels and I’m ready to infiltrate their ranks, see if they really are that flawless (they are) and of course, find out if they eat anything before the show – annoyingly they do.

The show starts in approximately four hours and already the huge backstage area is manic with press, make-up artists and hairstylists. The Angels all have their own hair and make-up areas laid out in rows and I’ve already spied Stella Maxwell and Adriana Lima wafting in and out of the room in their skimpy pink VS robes (despite the fact it’s about 5 degrees in Paris). If these women have one superpower, it’s staying warm.

I’m obviously after a glimpse of Bella and Gigi Hadid, who are walking the show together for the first time and of course, the words ‘where’s Kendall?’ are on everyone’s lips. Someone tells me the girls have their own area separate to everyone else but then they arrive and I’m nearly pushed over as the scrum of photographers try and get near them.

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Don't forget to tip the coat check girls 😉. @bellahadid @kendalljenner @gigihadid #VSFashionShow

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They don’t talk, they just pose before slipping off again – but yes, Bella does have the skin of dreams even if she does seem a little glum. Kendall’s the same, keeping schtum, seeming sombre and holding her finger over her lips a lot and her and Gigi appear and disappear at the same time- maybe they were just both pining for the burger that Kendall snaps herself eating later.

When they go I make a beeline for the huge buffet, which I expect to be empty but instead I have to fight off Adriana Lima to grab a salad: the girls seem to be making the most of the food. I resist the urge to shout ‘BUT HOW ARE YOU DOING IT?’ at Jasmine Tookes.

first show down! one more to go!! don't want this day to end 🙈🌟#vsfs2016 #vsfashionshow

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It’s an hour before show time and I’m about to be ushered out to my seat to watch the show when I realize there’s a separate ‘body finishing area’ that I hadn’t noticed – this is where the girls have their skin prepped just before walking onto the catwalk. It’s all a bit secretive but one of the artists tells me the girls are buffed and shimmered for the final time before hitting the stage.

I’ve got a prime viewing spot for the show and when the lights go down, the atmosphere crackles. Elsa Hosk walks out in PVC boots and a black lace body suit – it’s crazy, unlike any Fashion Week show I’ve ever been to – Lady Gaga appears singing A Million Reasons and is AMAZING. Even Bella and her recent ex, The Weekend, seem in full couple mode on the catwalk.

Bella Hadid and The Weeknd at the Victoria's Secret show

Obviously I’m also keeping a close eye on the FROW but Gigi’s beau Zayn Malik and Irina Shayk’s man Bradley Cooper are nowhere to be seen. Boo.

When it ends in a rain of glitter confetti, I’m exhausted. Like I said, these girls must have superpowers to get through it all….