Victoria Beckham’s Online Popularity Soars After The Royal Wedding

Despite considering not going to Kate Middleton and prince William’s nuptials because of her pregnancy, we bet Victoria Beckham is glad she did – her wedding moment paid off for her online popularity. The fashion designer and former Spice Girl has now joined the one million Twitter club, and her followers tipped her over 6 figures after she wore her own dress design to the royal wedding on Friday.

The seven-months pregnant Victoria Beckham tweeted about how thrilled the Beckhams were to be at Westminster Abbey and back in the UK: “London looks beautiful!!! We are so proud to be British! X VB x”. The family has now made the 12-hour flight back to LA, but we hope the royal wedding has convinced them to move home. We want you back in Britain Mr and Mrs B!

We were a bit surprised the Beckhams weren’t at the Met Ball 2011 last night, but what with their long weekend and David’s birthday yesterday (Happy belated B’day, Becks!) they probably just needed a night in. JG

Check out the Victoria Beckham and the other guests at William and Kate’s wedding below…