Why Shopping Victoria Beckham For Target Was The Most Frustrating Thing Ever


How many of you had planned on buying the entire Victoria Beckham for Target collection? And how many of you actually managed to do so? Us neither.

The range officially launched yesterday, but despite waking up at the crack of dawn, we- and, judging by the comments on VB’s Instagram account, everybody else- failed to bag anything we had hoped to.

We’d actually signed up for notifications that would let us know when the collection finally became available, but sadly never received any. Still, we set our alarms for 7am in the hope of beating everyone else to the checkout.

Snapchat: Lookmagazineuk

In fact, what happened was that we ended up relentlessly refreshing the product page to no avail.

Plenty of other VB fans found themselves in the same boat.

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One fan commented: @bijouxjewelsuk– I’ve worn my finger out trying to add stuff basket but it just stays empty!!

Another added: @eimearnidhomhnaill Everybody time I go to add to the shopping bag it says it’s empty..

Shortly after, Victoria Beckham herself took to Instagram to apologise for the inconvenience, saying: “Thank you for your patience and sorry for any frustration x VB.”

Now, it looks like certain products are finally shoppable (one member of the Look team even bagged herself the gingham top!), although sizes are limited. The ones we were after (see here), meanwhile, are all sold out and subsequently only available on eBay for almost four times as much as the original price.

In conclusion, then, we’re not entirely sure what happened, but it’s safe to say a lot of people were disappointed. Here’s hoping it gets restocked sometime soon…