This Victoria Beckham For Target Dress Will Sell Out Fastest

Here's why...

Victoria Beckham for Target is almost here. It seems like we’ve spent practically our whole lives waiting for her to launch an affordable fashion range and, at last, it’s finally become a reality.

As if that’s not enough to have us bouncing off the walls, Posh’s new line has some seriously amazing copies from her diffusion range, Victoria Victoria Beckham. The best part? It’s all approximately a tenth of the price. Yes, really.

Left: Victoria Victoria Beckham, £850; Right, Victoria Beckham for Target, £35

There’s quite a few to point out- the orange skirt, the floral t-shirt, the pink co-ord, the bunny collared dress. We could go on…

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Left: Victoria Victoria Beckham, £595; Right, Victoria Beckham for Target, £35

The one we reckon warrants extra attention, though, is the scallop dress. Everyone went crazy for it when Ms Beckham herself wore it shopping in New York back in 2011.

Left: Celine Buckens wearing Victoria Victoria Beckham’s scallop dress; Right: Michelle Williams wearing Victoria Victoria Beckham’s scallop dress

Shortly after in 2012, actress Celine Buckens- you’ll probably know her best for her role as Emilie in War Horse- stepped out in exactly the same. Roughly one week after that, Michelle Williams wore the black version.

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Now, the exact same dress is available in orange and floral versions for just £35. In case you’re wondering, the original came in at a cool £595, which makes the Target version almost 20 times cheaper. We know. The final push to purchase has to be the fact that unlike VB for Target’s seperates, the dress means you won’t even need to give the rest of your outfit a second thought.

Convinced? All you need now is our tips for getting what you want from the collection. Preparation is key, after all.