Victoria Beckham On Why 90s Fashion Isn’t For Her

Victoria Beckham might be a super stylish fashionista these days, but don’t think she can’t poke fun at some of her previous fashion choices.  

Speaking at a recent event in New York, the 41-year-old said about the Spice Girls’ famous platform shoes: ‘They were bloody awful.’ LOL. For some, it seems, the resurgence of 90s fashion is just a no-go.

And she didn’t stop there. In one of her most revealing and hilarious interviews yet at the 92Y in New York City, the mum-of-four went on to divulge her first customisation job, first expensive shoe purchase and how hubby David proposed… Aw!

> Victoria Beckham is now one of the most stylish women on the planet – you’re not arguing, are you?


On her famous nickname, Victoria said: ‘What Posh actually stands for, is when people used to travel abroad on boats. It stood for Port Out and Starboard Home… But in England, if you go to a nice restaurant, it’s a ‘posh’ restaurant, or if you have nice clothes, they’re ‘posh’ clothes.’ Who knew Posh Spice was actually boat-related?!

‘I’ve always loved fashion’, she said about where she got her designing bug from. ‘At school, I used to do a little bit of customizing the school uniform in the toilets at lunchtime.’

And her first expensive purchase? ‘I bought Patick Cox shoes when I got my first paycheck from the Spice Girls. They were white slingback Wannabes. I queued up outside Patrick Cox on a Saturday afternoon with my sister.’ 

> Looks like VB does NOT remember these Buffalo boots fondly…


Next, Victoria turned to her maternity style, remembering when she was pregnant with Brooklyn: ‘We were on tour in America and performing in lots of amphitheaters.I remember it was really, really, really hot. I was wearing a PVC catsuit and a wig, because my hair was just out of control because it was so hot! I had such terrible morning sickness.’ And we thought Kim’s pregnancy style was racy…

Now, onto David Beckham. Did you know how did they meet? Well, Victoria revealed all… 

> Victoria Beckham explained that her pregnancy style on tour was less tham comfortable…


‘Simon [Fuller] (the Spice Girls’ manager) was a huge Manchester United fan. He introduced me and David after the game. What I really liked about David right from the start is that when all the other players were in the lounge afterwards having a drink with their friends, David was sitting with his mom and dad and his younger sister.’ 

‘I really liked that. I’m really close to my family, he’s very close to his and I just thought that was really nice.’ Naww. See, he was always going to be an amazing family man, wasn’t he?

On how Becks proposed, VB revealed: ‘We were in a hotel up north and he got down on one knee and he proposed. He asked my dad before he did that, which was great and very appropriate.’

> Victoria Beckham reveals David proposed to her during a romantic hotel break up north


And finally, she ended with a cute statement about the band that made her famous. ‘We were five girls that individually weren’t that great, but collectively we worked together and normal girls could relate to us.’

‘The message was that it’s OK to be different. That’s where girl power came from. Be who you are, be proud to be who you are and really value friendships.’ Viva forever.