Victoria Beckham Introduces Your New Shoe Shape

It’s safe to say we can rely on Victoria Beckham for some serious style inspo.

Offering a new take on this season’s brogue obsession, VB has introduced a twist on the classic style.

Enter, the clown shoe. Uh-huh that’s what they’re called.


With a pointed toe and a brown sole, these shoes have got some fairly distinctive features. Lace-up free, these slip-on wonders have an elastic detail either side, nodding slightly to the cult-favourite chelsea boot.

Of course, as an addition to Victoria’s designer collection, these beauts will set you back a handsome £1150.

But you can jump on board with this new style, with some of our more affordable picks below…

Nasty Gal Leather Loafers, £64.50 Metallic Slip-Ons, £37.73

Lanvin Leopard Print Loafers, £240.72

And spring has officially arrived at this designer’s Dover Street store, as the former Spice Girl has comissioned an artist to bring some summer to proceedings.

Set designer Andy Hillman was the man for the job, announcing the start of the SS15 season with some extravagant floral designs in the window of the shop.


But it doesn’t stop there. Inside, there is a model of a foxglove, complete with an oversized bumble bee. Aw, we’re suddenly feeling all spring-like.


Gotta love VB.

Written by Laura Jane Turner