This Spice Girl Has Just Won An Award For Her Airport Style

We all know VB has seriously good style game, but now the designer has a prize to prove it. British Airways has announced their list of the World’s Best Dressed Travellers, and Mrs Beckham has taken home their top prize.

The airline enlisted the help of Hollywood stylist Elizabeth Saltzman, who said, “Victoria Beckham always gets it right when flying and it’s so impressive. Usually there is a menswear element to her travel wardrobe, it is chic and sophisticated but still classic and comfortable.”

Amal Clooney, Kendall Jenner, Angelina Jolie, and Gwen Stefani joined her in the top five, whilst coming in just behind were Charlize Theron, Taylor Swift, Marion Cotillard, Lupita Nyong’o, and Heidi Klum. A collection of ladies all with serious sartorial skills.

So how does Posh nail airport style every time?! Well, she has a pretty strict in-flight formula she sticks to. Yep, we’re talking about the big sunglasses, high heels and roomy tote combo.

While VB’s airport ensembles may score fashion points how practical are they for us normal folk? We’ve taken a look at some of her favourites… 

Practicality factor: 4/10

Skinny jeans on a plane?! No thanks. While a pair of stillettos can be slipped off after you board there is nothing comfortable about wearing tight jeans while trying to get a bit of shut eye. 

Practicality factor: 6/10

VB’s knit may be helpful in beating the dreaded airplane air-con but we don’t think we fancy being squashed in our tiny Easyjet seat in a pair of tailored trousers. 

Practicality factor: 7/10

Victoria’s jumpsuit is elegant but also very comfy – double winner. Unfortunately we had to knock points off for the fact that going to the toilet in this on a flight would be an absolute NIGHTMARE. 

Practicality factor: 9/10

This outfit takes home the top prize. The chic get up would be surprisngly comfy on a long haul trip – just don’t forget a cardi to wear over the top.

Practicality factor: 9/10

VB may look super hot in this outfit it couldn’t be more inpractical – a tight mini skirt is a definite no-no.

Will you be copying Posh’s style or sticking to the tracky-bs? Let us know in the comments…