We Are BIG Fans Of Victoria Beckham’s New Wardrobe

Something quite remarkable is happening in Victoria Beckham-land. After spending years cultivating her reputation as an ice-queen businesswoman not to be messed with, it seems she’s softening up a bit. Well, if her recent style choices are anything to go by, that is…

We’ve become used to seeing Posh in an array of monochrome outfits, but for the past year, she’s gradually been adding colour into her wardrobe. And in the past WEEK, she’s been looking like a whole new woman.

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While she’d sometimes bring out a red dress or a bright accessory for a really special occasion, Victoria’s day-to-day style has always been built around muted colours.


It seems like she’s been gradually adding more brights to her everyday wardrobe for the past year, thought, starting with the time she strolled around New York last year in a red wrap dress from her own collection.


Since then, she’s sported a number of colour-led designs from her own collection, including a white and pink floral skirt, a striped bodycon dress and a matching trench and cigarette pants combo.

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Her recent wardrobe seems to suggest that she’s found her favourite colour, however – and we’d never have expected it to be yellow.


In the past week, she’s been seen in a canary-coloured sleeveless trench, and just days earlier, a satin yellow mac. Earlier this year, she paired a pleated skirt from her own collection with a tangerine jumper.


Topping off her new look is that fresh bob. Vic hasn’t worn her hair short since 2010, but she’s gone for the chop again with a layered shoulder-length cut.

Earlier this month, it was rumoured that The Spice Girls were planning a televised reunion – without Victoria or Mel C.


But if Posh’s colourful new look is a reflection of her mood, she doesn’t seem bothered by the reports. You keep doing you, VB!