See Daniel Radcliffe In The Victor Frankenstein Trailer

The trailer for Daniel Radcliffe’s new film Victor Frankenstein is out – and it’s getting us MAJORLY excited for December.

Yep. Forget Christmas, snow and NYE. All we can think about right now is seeing D-Rad in his second horror film.

We were big fans of the 26-year-old’s 2012 movie The Woman In Black, so we’re pretty sure he’ll be just as good in this.

And if the teaser is anything to go by, we won’t be disappointed.

> James McAvoy plays Victor Frankenstein


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Daniel plays Igor in the movie, which also features James McAvoy (as Frankenstein), Daniel Mays, Downton Abbey‘s Jessica Brown Findlay and Sherlock stars Andrew Scott and Mark Gatiss.

The story is told from Igor’s perspective and is billed as showing the troubled young assistant’s origin and his redemptive friendship with medical student Victor Von Frankenstein.

> Daniel Radcliffe seems to be, er, getting to grips with body parts


He then watches Frankenstein become the man who creates the monster we all know today.

In the trailer, we see Daniel and James experiment with body parts before things get even darker. 

Victor appears to become increasingly concerned with Frankenstein’s behaviour before people begin to get attacked/tortured (eek!) and a figure is thrown off a balcony.

> Eek! Someone is thrown from a balcony


At one point, Victor pleads with his friend: ‘Victor, you promised me this was all about life,’ before Frankenstein snarls: ‘It’s about so much more.’

So overall, it’s pretty creepy.

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We also have to mention Daniel’s makeover. It’s goodbye to Harry Potter’s short hairstyle, famous round glasses and boyish outfits.

> Daniel Radcliffe looks *very* different


Instead, Victor sports a shoulder-length ‘do and (as expected) Georgian-era costumes. James, 36, is also perfectly in character with vintage facial hair.

> Things don’t appear to end well in the movie


Want to see for yourself? Watch the trailer for Victor Frankenstein below…