Would You Wear The Vetements DHL Tee?

Vetements was the label that got EVERYONE talking at Paris fashion week back in March. Yep, in case you’re not aware, it’s the design collective headed up by Balenciaga’s creative director Demna Gvasalia and, despite launching just two years ago, the brand has already secured a showing place at Paris Couture Week next July. We KNOW.

Based on urban cultures, the internet, everyday life on the streets and a modern wardrobe, Vetements has given way to some serious conversation-starting garms. The point of this piece, though, is that some of us just can’t see why?!

From ripped jeans, black raincoats and baggy hoodies, we’re sure you can see where we’re coming from when we say the Vetements collection is nothing special.



Street stylers went crazy for the Vetements raincoat at Paris fashion week




But the piece that’s got us all up in arms is the yellow DHL tee. Yes, we really are talking about a t-shirt paying homage to the magical delivery men that make online shopping a reality.


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Complete with canary yellow hue and red logo, the tee is exactly the same as the real DHL deal, and while we’re not quite fans, street stylers and fash icons have been losing their minds over it. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It’s £185. Considering you can get the real thing on DHL’s online store for $6.50, we’d say that’s pretty extreme, no?
  • A bit like Moschino’s McDonalds collection, peeps on the other side say Vetements tongue-in-cheek designs are a welcome change to the serious side of fashion.
  • Back to us cynics, the DHL tee is one of those cult pieces that’ll be forgotten about in a few weeks. In other words, there’s NO cost-per-wear value.
  • Let us end on a positive note, though. The DHL tee is guaranteed to get you a load of attention, and who doesn’t like that?!

What do you think? Will you be wearing Vetements’ DHL tee?