Versace For H&M Mania Strikes!

With Versace for H&M landing in H&M high street fashion stores this morning, we never expected anything less than mega queues, a major stampede and hoardes of sharpened elbows, but we’ve got to say the shopping scenario at London’s Regent Street store looks rather civilised! As Versace die-hards made a beeline for their must-haves, Donatella Versace herself dropped in for a bit of scarf signing – wearing two of the high street fashion collection’s fiercest pieces, natch – and left clutching a bulging blinged up shopping bag. Surely you’ve got the whole lot taking up some serious closet space already Ms V? On another note, there’s already a whopping seven pages worth of Versace for H&M on eBay, so we suspect some shoppers were up bright and early purely to make a packet. Back off and leave it for the real fashion fans, people! GG