Versace Emojis Are Now A Thing

Can you remember a time before emojis? Nope, us neither. These – often totally random – symbols have completely revolutionized the way we communicate.

However, if you’re a big time celeb these standard emojis aren’t quite enough. Kim K wasn’t satisfied with the look of her keyboard so invented Kimoji (course she did), and now Versace are jumping on a similar bandwagon.

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Versace have launched their very own emoji range based on the brand’s iconic Medusa logo. For it’s emoji makeover Versace have re-imagined the mythological symbol as a smiley face.

Versace launches emojis The medusa reimagined

Available in a number of expressions, the symbols can be used to embellish existing photos or to create original images using a wide range of emoji stickers, backgrounds, filters and text-colour options.

You can get your high fashion emoji fix from February 14th, and the app is available for both iOS and Android smart phones. Even better, it’s free. A slice of Versace completely gratis – yay!

Donatella Versace launches emojis Queen of Versace: Donatella


Speaking at the launch event, Donatella Versace said: “I love how the new Versace emoji app lets everyone in the world express themselves and share their feelings. ” 

“To have our own Versace emoji is a real treat for Valentine’s Day, and I can’t wait to begin creating with it,” Donatella commented.

If a Versace emoji isn’t enough, the brand has also created a capsule range of t-shirts inspired by the emojis themselves.  The T-shirts come in black or white and feature both the Medusa emoji either wearing sunglasses or sporting hearts for eyes.

However these t-shirts aren’t cheap. Showcasing your love for the emoji will set you back a whopping £480… We’ll stick to the free app, thanks.

By Elizabeth Bennett