Love It! Katy Perry’s Smurfette Dress

Katy Perry definitely got into the spirit of things at The Smurfs In 3D movie premiere in New York. The newly blonde pop princess stormed the blue carpet in a super-short white mini dress emblazoned with the jewelled face of Smurfette, her character in the film. 

Katy tweeted on her way to the premiere, “Headed to SMURF VILLAGE for the premiere of The Smurfs!!! I’m SMURFETTE!!! I’m blue… aba de aba die aba de aba di aba de aba di! YAY!” but thankfully she stopped short of full blue body paint and slipped into some Smurf-blue Louboutin pumps instead. She even went for a Smurf-inspired beauty look, sporting a blue smoky eye and Smurf manicure – each nail featured one of the cute blue characters. That’s dedication, but we wouldn’t expect anything less from the queen of quirk. GG