VBO: The Body-Positive Trend Sweeping The ‘Net

In case you haven’t seen the latest trend that’s taking over the internet, your belly is about to become a statement all of its own. 

Can we get a resounding HOORAH? 

VBO translates to Visible Belly Outline. Think VPL, but the good version. 

For any girls out there that might have a slight issue with their stomach-area, this is the ultimate feel-good dressing trend that will have you embracing your wonderful lady lumps in all their glory. 

Because, in case you haven’t heard it enough from us already, every body is beautiful. 


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So. How do you achieve VBO? 

Basically, rock whatever clothes you’d like, regardless of your shape. Simple.



Plus-size blogger Gabi Fresh, who has a whopping 240K+ followers on Instagram, is a leading spokesperson for the trend, and has spoken out about embracing your body – and your belly – in her blog.

She said: “We shouldn’t feel like we can’t wear bodycon skirts or dresses because we’re afraid it will be seen.. like its mere existence is shameful.”

There’s a whole Tumblr account in honour of VBO, which has the tag line “A celebration of not hiding. A safe place to show off your style, lumps and all!”

One user has taken a selfie of their #OOTD and captioned simply: “I am curvy in all the ways I enjoy and that’s all that really matters. If I love my lumps and bumps, do I really need you to approve of them and love them?”



Style is an important tool of self expression, so you should feel comfortable sporting whatever trend you idenitify with, regardless of your body type.  

By Laura Jane Turner