We Need To Talk About The Saturdays’ Vanessa White

Um. Can we just talk about Vanessa White for a second?!

The 26-year-old has mainly stayed away from the limelight since The Saturdays went on hiatus back in 2014. But now she’s back – and on seriously good form.

Vanessa recently released her latest track Lipstick Kisses, as well as a debut EP entitled Chapter One.

Vanessa White rose to fame as 1/5 of The Saturdays


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But it’s not just her music career that’s heating up. In case you haven’t noticed, she’s also had one smokin’ makeover.

Vanessa White has embarked on a solo career


If you take a look at her Instagram page, you’ll see that she’s been showing off her super-hot bod in a series of cool outfits.

And when it comes to her hair and make-up? Well, let’s just say, it’s on FLEEK.

She’s become a total pro at Kylie Jenner-style coffee-coloured lips, as well as what appears to be some expert contouring.

Would’ya look at that make-up?!


HELLO, cheekbones.

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Vanessa recently spoke to Wonderland magazine about this new stage of her career, saying: ‘I spent every day, basically, of last year in the studio which was a nice process actually.

Vanessa White’s outfits = on point


‘But it was a bit scary at first because I wasn’t really used to going into the studio on my own. So that was a big thing. But now I love it.

‘It’s weird, I still feel like a new artist in a lot of ways because I guess everything that I’m doing now is completely different to what I’ve done before.

Vanessa White is still close to her Saturdays bandmates. Here she is with Rochelle Humes


‘So even though I kind of have the experience, it all feels very new to me.’

We’re pretty sure you’re going to ace it, lady.