Valentino Shares A Surprising Kim Kardashian Story…

Remember when Kim Kardashian went for lunch at Valentino’s house the day before her and Kanye West‘s wedding? And how insanely jealous you were when you saw all the pictures?

Well, the designer himself has now been spilling all about his lavish luncheon with the Kardashian clan.

In his new coffee table book, Valentino: At the Emperor’s Table, it’s revealed how the legendary fashion guru first came to be pals with Kim. And how it led to that epic pre-wedding party.

Apparently, Valentino met Kim at the Met Ball back in May. Describing his brush with the reality TV star, Valentino said he was delighted that she was ‘so respectful’, and later mentioned that he wanted to throw her a lunch for her wedding.

When Kim heard the news, her response was understandably thrilled. ‘”‘Oh my god! Valentino! I’d die! Oh my god. Of course want to have this lunch!'”, she reportedly replied.

The lavish lunch was then announced in the New York Post on May 19th, taking place at Valentino’s gorgeous chateau just outside Paris four days later. 

But what to wear to dinner with one of the most stylish men in fashion? Well, generous Valentino let the entire Kardashian family visit his French boutique to pick an outfit off the rack. And this is when it gets surprising…

‘The whole family went to the Valentino boutique and bought and paid for every single outfit of every single member of the family, including Kim’s grandmother. They had full-on Valentino, including Kanye’, the book reports.

We know we shouldn’t be shocked, but we’re sure those gorgeous garms could’ve easily been gifted or loaned for free, so it warms our hearts a little to hear that the Kardashians paid their way like the rest of us.

And boy, did they pick well. From Khloe’s structured brocade frock to Kendall’s super sleek cut-out jumpsuit, it was the best we’ve ever seen the family look.

The book adds that the party started at 1pm and ended at 3:30pm, and sounded like a fairly modest affair – just two tables of ten dined at the Parisian palace. 

Oh, what we would’ve done for a seat at that table…

By Robyn Munson