What To Wear On Valentine’s Day, Whatever Your Plans

Whether you're having a romantic evening with your beloved or going out for dinner with your closest pals, we're here to help you find your perfect Valentine's Day outfit...

Valentine’s Day sure is a divisive force. A quick survey of the office drew some pretty extreme reactions, from fervent enthusiasm to severe disdain. There are those who cannot think of anything better than having an entire day in which to celebrate their greatest love, while there are also those who similarly cannot think of anything worse. Whichever side you’re on, however, you’ll still need the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit.

Firstly, before any V-Day haters out there take to Twitter to declare their fury at all this propaganda being perpetuated on behalf of St.Valentine, let us introduce you to the concept of ‘Galentine’s Day’. Sadly, we cannot take credit for this; that needs to go to Leslie Knope (played by Amy Poehler) from Parks and Recreation. If you haven’t seen it then, well, we’ve just organised your evening for you.

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Anyway, Galentine’s Day is the celebration of friends. Go for dinner, go for drinks… do whatever you like. Just make sure you take pictures and upload them to Instagram using the appropriate hashtag. Kidding, we’ll be too busy at our own Galentine’s Day to notice.

If you’re planning a more traditional Valentine’s Day evening- dinner, a movie, perhaps some passive aggressive comments on the state of the bathroom- then good for you, too! The point here is that nobody really cares how you’re spending the actual day, we’re just using this as an excuse to buy new clothes and dress up. This won’t be just an outfit, this will be a Valentine’s Day outfit.

Without further ado, here’s our pick of some sartorial bangers, if you will, to inspire your shopping baskets. It’s even organised by shop, for your convenience…


If romantic, pretty dresses are your thing then you should probably only buy your clothes at Ukulele. From laser-cut lace minis to super-flattering, trumpet sleeve midi frocks, the colour palette ranges from sugary pastels to monochrome stripes to bright scarlet, while there’s pretty much a shape to suit every body type. Tell your friends, tell yourself; Ukulele is your new dress destination. Dress-tination? We’re on fire. And so will you be in your new Valentine’s Day outfit!

Valentine's Day outfit Ukulele

Dress, £145                                                                                                         Dress, £220

Stripe dress, £215                                                                                   Midi dress, £180


Valentine’s Day or not, it’s still freezing cold, meaning we could all do with some vague sense of hope that spring is, in fact, coming soon. Thank the heavens for Topshop, then, which has a flowerbed of blooms just waiting to be worn. ‘Flowers, on Valentine’s Day?’ we hear you cry. “That’s so cliche!” Actually, it’s not. Topshop has catered for one and all with pretty petal blouses to be worn with rolled-up denim, floral platforms, embroidered denim jackets and even cosy knits.

Valentine's Day outfit from Topshop

L-R: Jacket, £65        Midi Dress, £65        Frill Blouse, £36        Mini Dress, £49      Shoes, £52            Skirt, £35


Not sure we’ve ever mentioned this but we really like ASOS. Ok, we may have to seek help for our ever-growing obsession but really, what do you expect? We’d highly recommend starting here for your Valentine’s Day outfit ideas because there’s everything you could ever need. Ruffle frocks for date night, pretty tees to dress down with denim, tulle ballerina skirts, painted leather separates… need we go on? Buy now, wear for the next six months (at least) safe in the knowledge that you’re bang on trend. Obviously wear them after that, too, we’re simply trying to point out how trend-led ASOS’s new collection is. It’s dreamy.

Asos valentine's day outfit

Dress, £32                                                                                 T-shirt, £20

Valentine's Day outfit ideas from ASOS

Tulle skirt, £50                                    Gingham jumpsuit, £45                            Painted leather skirt, £95


If you want your Valentine’s Day outfit to scream, er, Valentine’s Day then may we suggest browsing hip LA boutique REVOLVE? Showstopping dresses, irresistible accessories and luxe silks and satins from a huge variety of brands make for one seriously sexy offering. As we’ve discussed previously, REVOLVE has an enormous celebrity following, including the likes of Olivia Palermo and Emily Ratajkowski, which means your V-day ensemble will have A-list endorsement. Sort of.

Valentine's Day outfit at Revolve

Ruffle sleeve top, £369.94, Suno   Red dress, £259.10, Alice McCall Phone case, £37.38, Marc Jacobs     Playsuit, £233.18, NBD  Heels, £153.75, REVOLVE

All available at REVOLVE.COM