The Very Worst Valentine’s Day Horror Stories

Valentine’s Day is looming, and while the thought of being single on the big day can prey on your mind for months ahead, sometimes having a boyfriend can be a WHOLE lot worse. Don’t believe us? Check out these LOOK HQ horror stories (anonymous, for embarrassment purposes obvs)…



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“I had been to the cinema with my boyfriend and had a lovely evening, but little did I know it was all about to go tits up. We went to bed as normal only for him to wake me up at 3am and tell me ‘it’s not right’. Turns out he had been cheating on me with a girl he went to university with, who he proceeded to go and visit the very next day.”






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“I was living with my boyfriend in our uni house at the time. Things were fine until he dumped me out of the blue. To make matters worse, he felt it necessary to give me my Valentine’s Day present (Abercrombie and Fitch sweatpants, FYI). As my friend *Sarah added, “Well babe, he obviously wanted you to be the worst possible version of yourself.” A few months later, he started texting me again, one thing led to another and he ended up sending me a highly inappropriate dick pic! After talking it out with my gal pals, we decided I needed to find out where I stood, only for him to tell me we were JUST FRIENDS.”










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“My boyfriend had just got made redundant, but as a special treat for both my birthday and Valentine’s Day (which just so happen to fall on the same day), we decided we would go to a swanky restaurant in London. Apparently he hadn’t looked at the menu… As he realised the prices, his face practically dropped. I had told him it wouldn’t be cheap and his parents had even given us £30 to put towards the bill, but he was having none of it. He decided to take it out on me and wouldn’t speak to me for the entire time. I ended up buying a cocktail on my own and as if on cue, crying just as my birthday cake came out. LOL.”














“To get some money alongside interning I had got myself a job in a bar. Unfortunately, I was put on the rota for Valentine’s Day so we couldn’t make plans and my boyfriend decided to go out with his friends. I gave him the keys to our flat and made sure to tell him to wait up for me or leave the keys under the mat. Lo and behold, he didn’t. Cold and tired, I got back at 3am to find out I was completely locked out. He wouldn’t answer the door or the phone so I ended up having to walk to a friend’s house and sleep on the couch. Needless to say, we split the next day.”













“My ex-boyfriend and I are in the same friend circle, and while we were together I had sent him a few provocative pics (for his viewing only, obvs). For Valentine’s Day, all the singletons in said circle decided to get together and as we were on good terms, both him and I went along. On the night, the boys had disappeared so I decided to go and find them, but what I discovered was HORRIFYING. All of the lads were surrounding a computer screen with the pics I had previously sent my ex of me butt naked. Speechless.”