Will You Be Getting Vaginal Liposuction?

Forever wondering how the girls on your Instagram feed manage to take such painstakingly perfect gym selfies? Well, we’ve got the answer.

In the most depressing news we’ve ever heard, plastic surgeon Dr. Max Marcellino has reported a rise in the number of young women wanting surgery in their nether regions in order to achieve the best look possible in tight trousers and gym leggings.

Shocking, we know.

In particular, Dr. Max Marcellino has noticed an increased number of young girls enquiring about (and going ahead with) vaser liposuction around the ‘mons pubis’ – the rounded mass of fatty tissue lying over the joint of the pubic bone.

Yep, as if the vampire boob lift wasn’t enough to make us think the lengths some girls go to for perfection were endless, said ladies are shelling out a whopping £3000 and putting themselves through some serious pain for 20 whole minutes – all in the name of a photo.


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Taking things one step further, others are even having an entire ‘pubis lift’ carried out, setting them back a cool £5800 after enduring one hour of surgery and then being out of action for a recovery period of ten days.

As well as the desired gym selfie look, Dr. Max Marcellino reports that the procedure also works to expose the clitoris more, leading to heightened sexual enjoyment.

Earlier this year, Miss BumBum’s winner (yes, it really is a thing) Indianara Carvalho underwent a similar vaginal rejuvenation surgery procedure to help achieve the ideal appearance for the pageant in Brazil, but also to make her a virgin again so that she could lose her innocence to “someone special”.

All in all, we really are speechless. What do you think? Will you be undergoing vaginal liposuction in a bid to take the best gym snap you’ve ever had?