The Best-Selling £12 Item You’ll Definitely Want In Your Home


If you’re not already familiar with Urban Outfitters’ homeware, where have you been?! Seriously, we all know how good their clothes are, but their interior range is potentially even better. And that’s saying something.

We’re not just talking about a few measly accessories, either. When we say Urban Outfitters homeware, we mean Urban Outfitters bedding, Urban Outfitters pen pots, Urban Outfitters lamps, even Urban Outfitters cutlery.

But their best selling piece? The iconic elephant mug.

It actually landed back in January 2015 in blue, pink and white, and has been in high demand ever since. In fact, the brand reports that an average of 200-400 of the elephant mugs are bought a week. That’s a lot of elephant mugs.

It’s so good that customers have even gone to the trouble of reviewing it. One user wrote: “I absolutely love this mug. It’s a good size – ideal for cupping your hands around and snuggling up infront of the tv.”

Another added: “I received this as a present for Christmas and I love it! I use it daily.”

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How much? £12. Twelve tiny pounds for something that’ll bring you joy every time you look down and make your kitchen infinitely cooler.

TBH, it’s the type of thing we probably wouldn’t even use for its purpose, rather just keep it out on the side for a little added crib quirkiness. Yeah, we just made crib quirkiness a thing.

Basically, what we’re saying is that this is without doubt the coolest mug we’ve ever come across. And if you want one, you’d better think fast, because they’re going like hot cakes. Trump that, Ikea. See what we did there? Trump? Elephant? We’ll stop now…