Urban Outfitters Just Won Black Friday With These Deals

Forget Christmas; it’s Black Friday that’s got us all excited. Our first port of call? Urban Outfitters and its hot deals, where we can snap up a whole new wardrobe and re-decorate our pad at bargain prices...

Dan Tang, Art Editor:
“I’d like to say I’d be buying this as a thoughtful gift but the truth is I’ve had my eye on a record player long before I saw Urban Outfitters’ Black Friday deals. The vintage-effect looks great with pretty much any décor and it’s easily stored thanks to its briefcase. Plus, carrying it around will make me feel like a spy.”

Record player: WAS £100 Black Friday Price £70, Urban Outfitters

Maxine Eggenberger, Fashion News Editor:
“Anyone who knows me knows I’m obsessed with interiors. This copper shelf co-ordinates perfectly with my current colour scheme (very important), while the hexagonal shape lends a certain sense of ‘je ne said quoi.’ And it’s a bargain, naturally. Good job, Black Friday!”

Shelf, WAS £30, Black Friday Price £21, Urban Outfitters

Hannah Banks-Walker, Deputy Fashion News Editor:
“This knit is perfect for layering over white shirts, tea dresses or even tucking into pencil skirts. The sugary hue is pretty irresistible and, if truth me told, I love a boat neck. You heard it here first.”

Jumper, WAS £39, Black Friday Price £23.40, Urban Outfitters

Giselle Wainwright, Features and Entertainment Editor:
“I love how effortless this scarf is. I’ll wear it with jeans and a bomber jacket and feel like a cool kid. It’s a longer length, too, meaning I can really wrap up in the cold/I can hide my face from my bank manager when I’ve spent too much in the Black Friday sales.”


Scarf, WAS £22, Black Friday Price £11, Urban Outfitters

Megan Penfold, Designer:
“I live in trainers and have been looking to add a new pair to my collection. I can’t actually decide which I like most but, as it happens, they’re both in the Urban Outfitters Black Friday sale so I think I’ll just get a pair of each… YOLO.”

Adidas trainers, WERE £75, Black Friday Price, £52.50, Urban Outfitters

Nike trainers, WERE £82, Black Friday Price £57.40, Urban Outfitters

Bridie Wilkins, Fashion News Assistant:
“Obviously, as a millennial, Kendall Jenner is my reason for living. That’s why I’ll finally be getting my hands on #MyCalvins come Black Friday. I’ll be able to get the full, set too! Long live Black Friday.”

Bra, WAS £30, Black Friday Price, £21, Urban Outfitters

Knickers, WERE £20, Black Friday Price, £14, Urban Outfitters