Meet The Most Pinned Halloween Costume Of This Year

...Just expect EVERYONE to be wearing it at your next party

With Halloween round the corner, it’s no surprise that most people are gearing up to find that perfect costume.

But what to pick? With so many witches, ghouls and Harley Quinn options to choose from, it can make it a bit of a nightmare to decide.

However, if you like going with what’s trending, then you’re in luck – because we’ve just found out what the most Pinned Halloween costume is.


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unicorn costume

Meet the most pinned Halloween costume of this year…

Yep, according to Teen Vogue, this rainbow-inspired sparkly get-up is the most popular Halloween costume on the social media platform this year. Quite the accolade.

It’s already been pinned 78,000 times and appears on a whopping 95,000 boards, and we can see why – who doesn’t want to try out a rainbow wig?! And that pink glitter make-up is the dream.

The best thing about it is also the fact that you only need to find a white dress, wings and a unicorn horn to make up the bulk of it.

We love. Just expect to see A LOT of people wearing something similar at your next Halloween party…

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.