An Uber Driver Has Been Suspended For Shocking Behaviour

Just when we thought we were finally making progress towards an all-equal democracy, Uber has done it again.

Yep, this time it’s a London-based Uber driver in question after asking a lesbian couple to stop kissing before going on to throw them out of his cab.


Understandably, the customer was pretty riled up. She took to Twitter posting: “Wow. Disgusting aggressive driver said he “did not allow” my girlfriend and I to kiss in the back of his cab and then proceeded to pull his cab over and ask us to get out when we refused to comply.”

She then took her complaint to the powers that be at the Uber customer service team: “When told we would report him, he didn’t seem in the least bit bothered so please do advise how you would deal with this.”



> More than one Uber driver has been accused of homophobia


The Uber spokesman responded: “We have been in contact with this rider to offer our full support and find out exactly what happened.


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“Whenever there is a serious incident it’s our policy to suspend the partner-driver in question while we investigate.”

And apparently that’s exactly what’s happened so far, while Uber plans to find out “exactly what happened” before taking further action.

Many an Uber driver have found themselves in the firing line for similar homophobic accusations.

Last year, gay couple Corey Watts and Jordan Sloat said they were asked to leave a car near Covent Garden after “kissing and cuddling”.

Sam Simons, meanwhile, claimed that he and friend Santiago Figeuroa were asked to leave a car after sharing a “peck on the lips”.

Despite pledging to investigate both incidents in depth, though, the company has not yet been able to confirm the long-term outcome of either case.

Hmm. Here’s to hoping they’re all brought to justice.