Tyra Banks Could Be Your Next University Professor

Is there anything this woman can’t do?

Not content with being a mega successful supermodel, TV presenter and entrepreneur, Tyra Banks is adding another job role to her overflowing CV.

Yep, she’s becoming a university professor. And is going to be taking classes at the prestigious Stanford University no less.

In case you were wondering, she hasn’t been secretly studying for a degree herself these past few years but instead will be sharing knowledge based on her own life experience. Right… 

Tyra will be lending her wisdom on a subject she knows a lot about. No, it won’t be a beginners course in smizing but a class on the ‘art of personal branding’.

The 90s star will co-teach the M.B.A. course with business professor, Allison Kluger and the first class will focus on “Project You: Building and Extending your Personal Brand.”

When it comes to her teaching style, we can expect to see the no BS attitude employed by the model on her hit TV show, America’s Next Top Model.


“If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them,” Tyra said. And she won’t put up with any phone use in her classes unless it was to “tweet something I’ve said.”
This isn’t the first time a celebrity has dabbled with a career in higher education – last year it was announced Angelina Jolie would be a guest lecturer at LSE.