Another Of Our Fave ’00s Shows Is Returning

It feels like there is a new TV comeback announced every day, with all of our favourite ’90s and ’00s shows getting the reboot. Whether you are a Full House fan or have had a Gilmore Girls shaped hole in your life, it’s been a seriously good year in TV news. Here are our favourite comeback announcements.

1. Cold Feet

It has just been confirmed by one of the show’s main characters that the Cold Feet reunion is actually happening. Rumours have been circulating for months that the cult TV show set in Manchester would be returning, but we weren’t going to let ourselves get too excited. However, Fay Ripley – who played Jenny – has just announced that the show is under way. Confirming in an interview this weekend Fay said, “Well yes. I think we’re off and away, I think I can say that!” Over 10 years have passed since the show went off air in 2003 so where the characters will be now, we cannot wait to find out!

> Cold Feet was a huge hit as soon as it aired in 1998.

2. Gilmore Girls

The lovely people over at Netflix have decided to reboot one of our favourite shows, Gilmore Girls. The world’s best mother-and-daughter combo will be returning in four 90-minute episodes reportedly filmed around each of the seasons. We literally cannot contain our excitement for this one. To celebrate the amazing news, why don’t you join us in remembering the priceless lessons the Gilmore girls taught us.

> We can’t wait for the return of Rory and Lorelai Gilmore.

3. Twin Peaks

In perhaps the biggest TV news of the year, FBI Agent Dale Cooper is back. The cult ’80s show is being revived for a nine-episode series with most of the original cast already confirmed as on board. We don’t know much yet, everything is being kept under wraps for now, but it will be set in present day and will serve as a continuation of the show. Knowing what Twin Peaks is like, absolutely anything could happen.

> What will the modern day Twin Peaks entail?

4. The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

Okay this one is still a rumour, but it was reported by TVLine that the hit show was in the very early stages of development. With Will Smith apparently on board as producer and the show hoping to serve up the “spirit of the original series” but set today, we’re pretty sure this one would be a definite hit.

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> The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is reportedly being rebooted.

5. Full House

Another golden idea from Netflix comes in the form of a brand new series of Full House. You know, the show that made Mary-Kate and Ashley famous? Although the fashion designers are not confirmed (yet) to be taking part in the reboot, a whole bunch of the original cast are on board. The show will be called Fuller House and will apparently start as a reunion before spinning off to follow the eldest Tanner daughter, D.J.

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> It’s still not confirmed whether the twins will be involved, but either way, we are seriously excited.

And there’s also a whole host of movie remakes in the works to further tap into our nostalgia. And for now, we’ll just be over here awaiting the news of the Friends comeback…