13 Things Toy Story Taught Us About Life

Toy Story is 20 years old. We know, time flies when you’re having fun. But it’s hard to believe that Woody, Buzz and Mr. Potato Head have all been a part of our lives for two whole decades. In that time, there have been three films made, and Toy Story 4 is set for release in 2018. 

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In celebration of one of Pixar’s greatest films of all time (in our opinion, granted, but Toy Story was nominated for three Oscars, and you can’t really argue with that), we thought we should revisit some of the crucial life lessons imparted by the animated trilogy. As you might expect, most are based around friendship. But we’ve thrown some others in for good measure, too. You know, sartorial tips and the like. There really is nothing you can’t learn from Toy Story

1. Frenemies aren’t always a bad thing…


Sometimes your best friend turns out to be the person you didn’t even like at first. Profound, we know. But just look at Buzz and Woody! 

2. Differences don’t matter


Friendship transcends everything.  

3. Tassels are always a good idea


Tell your friends, tell yourself. 

4. Hugs are always the answer


Don’t hate on your tactile friend, he/she just wants to embrace you. A lot. 

5. Your friends can make you feel like you could be anyone you want to be


Yeah you are, little buddy. 

6. Makeovers can be tricky…


It’s best to ask for help from somebody you trust. 

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7. Sometimes, the old ones really are the best


Oh Ken, you old smoothie. 

8. Puns are always funny


We find they can be very apPEAsing. No? Just us. 

9. Owning your own property is literally The Dream


Even Barbie recognises the value of a hot piece of real estate. 

10. It’s good to vent


Like all of us, Woody needs to let it out sometimes. It can all just get a bit much. 

11. Impressions make for a great party trick


Mind you, so does being a talking shark. 

12. Confidence is key



13. Most importantly of all, your real friends will never leave you. 


Woody and Andy: the ultimate bromance.