Topshop’s ‘U Ok Hun’ T-Shirt Has Sold Out But You Can Still Get It Here…

You're welcome, Hun...

‘U Ok Hun’ is fast becoming our fave saying, and it can literally be used to some up all of the mare moments.

The millennials have created this easy way to see if someone’s OK when they look like they’re doing something a bit crazy. And we literally use it at any opportunity.

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We all us the word hun when we either a) can’t remember someone’s actual name (we’ve all been there) or b) we’re having a basic bitch moment or event e.g Birthday Huns.  But either way, it totally works and sometimes it’s just the right amount of friendly without going OTT with babe. Ya know?

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Topshop t-shirt

By Love have created the all time T-shirt everyone is obsessing over. At £16.99 it’s already sold out online at Topshop! So basically you can’t get it… JK, it’s obvs still available in store, and we’ve also tracked it down online elsewhere.

You can get it right here now at, or here at NME Merch.

Insta is going mad for #uokhun, here’s an example of one of our faves…

#uokhun ??

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Anything with a cat is a winner tbh.

Now, go get it before it sells out so we can all be Twinning Huns together!

By Harriet Davey