Topshop Actually Offers Refunds On Faded Joni Jeans

Time to buy another pair

Topshop Joni jeans are hugely popular. In fact, a straw poll of the Look office revealed that every single person on the team owns a pair. Digital Writer Laura Jane even dedicated an entire article to said jeans here.

But not everyone is happy. Recently, Twitter has seen a whole load of customer complaints suggesting that Topshop Joni jeans fade way too fast. Here’s some to set the scene:

See what we mean. Off the back of that, we’ve got some good news: according to The Tab, a Topshop Sales Assistant has revealed that the brand actually offers refunds to customers whose Joni jeans have faded too quickly.

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Unfortunately, this applies to black jeans only, must be within three months of purchase, and the money must be used to purchase another pair (just an exchange, then). You’ll need to have the receipt or proof of purchase to do so, too.

Jeans, £36, Topshop

And it’s not just fading that could warrant a refund. The Topshop Sales Assistant told The Tab that you might also be deserving of a refund if your Joni jeans have “ripped too much”. Saying that, the rips need to appear as either a manufacturing fault vertically on jeans that already have the knee rip, or on the seam for jeans that aren’t already ripped. The rest is down to you.

To recap, what we’ve just told you is basically a way to get 2, or 3, or 4 (or more) fresh pairs of Joni jeans for the price of one: £36. All you need to do is keep your receipt. Life = made.