Tom Hiddleston’s “I <3 Taylor Swift" Vest: Cringe Or Cute?

When we first saw Tom Hiddleston frolicking in the sea with new lady Taylor Swift near the star’s Rhode Island home on the 4th of July clad in a white ‘I

Because this is the suave English gentleman from the Night Manager we’re talking about. Who’s tipped to be the next Bond. And now he’s romping around in a questionable vest with his new girlfriend’s name on the front? With a TEMPORARY TATT? We’re not sure about this Hiddleswift, we’re really not sure.

But not everyone in the LOOK office agrees – here, two LOOK ladies debate out Tom’s show of romance. Cringe, or cute?! Over to you, girls…

‘I’m Still Cringing Now’

says LOOK’s Beauty Editor, Lydia Thompson

That vest, Tom, really, REALLY? I was completely indifferent about these two until these pics were revealed. Seeing him prancing around on the beach in his wet Taylor tee, hanging with the ‘squad’ and her trying to fit in, felt just so incredibly desperate. That’s not the Tom I’ve known and fancied for years. No Tom, not cool. Not cool at all. Personally, I’ve not always been team Taylor anyway and this situation hasn’t improved things. Any normal girlfriend would have stopped the whole thing and told him to, ‘take that off like, NOW!’ But Taylor totally encouraged it and it’s weird, especially because it’s her initials. The whole thing is gross. Please make it stop.’

‘I Can’t Help It, I Think They’re Loved-Up’

says LOOK’s Features Editor, Giselle Wainwright

Watching Taylor and Tom frolick in the waves at her 4th July party doesn’t make me cringe, instead, I think Taylor’s finally getting her perfect fairytale romance.
I know there several conspiracy theories, Iknow it could all be a fauxmance for one long music video, but I hope it’s not. Remember when you first met that guy and you both fancied each other instantly? Remember the giddy madness of your first weeks together? It’s all puppies, rainbows and lovehearts at the start – or if you’re Taylor and Tom, an I heart Taylor Swift t-shirt and temporary tattoo. Sure their PDA is totally OTT. But they both look really happy – and the only way that vest can be seen as appropriate beachwear is through love blindness, so I’m crossing my fingers for them.

Giselle Wainwright