Tom Hardy’s Hyundai Advert Hasn’t Gone Down Well…

Tom Hardy has come under fire for his performance in a new Hyundai credit card company advert.

In the clip, the Mad Max: Fury Road actor is seen catapulting himself off a cliff and into the ocean as friends watch on from above – but critics have branded the clip irresponsible.

This is because it happened to be filmed at the Berry Head National Nature Reserve in Devon, where in 2007, a 46-year-old man died in that exact spot after tombstoning into the water during a fishing holiday.

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> Hardy stars in a new Hyundai advert set in Devon, where a man died from tombstoning


‘Tom Hardy is a role model and young people look up to him. It is really sending out the wrong message’, a spokesman for Berry Head Coastguard told the Mirror.

‘They obviously didn’t do their research about tombstoning very well for the advert, because it is extremely dangerous.

> The actor has been accused of being a bad influence due to this shot…


‘Tom Hardy, or his stunt double, wasn’t wearing a wetsuit either and it was filmed in October, so the water would have been freezing cold.’

We imagine Hyundai meant no offence by their new advert, but the coastguard does have a point – according to reports, 16 deaths and 50 serious injuries have occurred due to tombstoning in the past 6 years.

So far, Hardy and credit card company Hyundai have yet to comment on the criticism.