Tom Cruise: His Top 5 Style Inspo Moments

Tom Cruise.


Honestly, where do we even begin?

From dancing in his smalls (Risky Business) to lording about with Brad Pitt biting people (Interview With A Vampire), the cheeky-grinned ledge’ that is Tom Cruise has been at the forefront of our silver screen consciousness for decades, and with another new Mission:Impossible franchise flick about to be tucked under that rather snug belt of his, it’s clear that Tom Cruise is serious about taking this acting malarkey well into his fifties and beyond. Hooray!

But what is it about the Cruise that has us always coming back for more? Is it his enviable back catalogue of decade definitive feelgood flicks (Cocktail, Jerry Maguire, Top Gun…we know right), or that tendency he has for being a little bit bonkers in public (Oprah anyone) that has us completely entranced? Either way, for over twenty years now, we’ve all been crazy about the Cruise.

So, to celebrate the UK release of Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation this weekend, we’ve compiled the five times that Tom Cruise has given us total style inspo. Take it away Tom….

1. The Sunglasses

If there’s one thing the Cruise can pull off, it’s a slick set of shades. From his iconic black Ray-Ban Wayfarers in Risky Business, to those Ray-Ban 3025 Aviators in Top Gun, Tom has that signature eyewear shtick nailed like an absolute boss. Practice a few Lieutenant Pete “Maverick” Mitchell shade lunges in front of your bathroom mirror…you’ll thank us later.

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2. The Leather

Tom has rocked some pretty whopper jackets over the years, and it’s clear that he has a penchant for playing his leading men wearing leather. Whether it’s a  distressed grey armor-style biker (Oblivion), or that awesome hooded getup he wore in Mission:Impossible – Ghost Protocol, TC knows how to look sharp in leather goods.

3. The Benefits Of Wearing All Black

Tom is down with the insider scoop that wearing all black is super flattering. Cruise cuts a svelte figure in those Mission Impossible Ethan Hunt head-to-toe black threads, and what was he wearing during the infamous Oprah couch-hopping/fist pumping incident? Case closed.

4. The Loose Shirt/Tie Combo

If there’s anything Tom can teach us about tailoring, it’s how to nail the ’80s/’90s yuppie businessman look. Cheeky with a slight manic edge, the Cruise always manages to look crisp and polished in a suit, despite the fact his hair is flopping all over the place – c’mon, Jerry Maguire? Amazing. Plus, he occasionally accessorises with a trusty Italian-style gents loafer. And we have to respect that.


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5. The White Socks

Who DOESN’T appreciate a guy that dances around the gaff in a pair of white socks whilst playing air guitar? Tom. You actually rule.