So THESE Jobs Get The Most Right-Swipes On Tinder

If you’re a single teen/twenty/thirty-something, chances are you’re already on Tinder. Whether you take the dating app seriously or not, more and more people are spending their spare, commuter time swiping profiles of potential love interests until their hearts are content.

If you’re using the dating app to find love, then these latest findings will definitely interest you.

New data has been released by Tinder which shows the professions that get the most right-swipe action making them, by default, the hottest careers.

Apparently male pilots and female physical therapists are jobs Tinder’s most sought-after people have. Next time you’re gearing up to board an EasyJet flight, you might just want to log in to your account…

Also in the top 15 for men are doctors, check. Firefighters, check. Engineers, check. Model – we’ll take that.

As far as women are concerned, the ‘most attractive’ jobs are: interior designer, founder/entrepreneur, college student, social media manager, and pharmacist. Some pretty clever gals then.

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Obviously there’s way more to your Tinder success than your job description but if you’re thinking of a career change and you’re looking for love, you might just want to consider the above…

Pass us the fabric swatches, will you?