Tinder For Finding A New BFF Is Now A Thing

In 2016, our smartphones are everything. With a click of button you can get a date with no notice, a cab to take you home after, and if it ends up a drunken one a greasy take away the day after.

But until now there was one thing your mobile couldn’t help you with: finding new friends.

There are a whole host of mobile apps promising to help you find love but so far none that will assist in connecting you with people in a purely platonic way.

While Instagram is full of people parading their #Squadgoals snaps, in reality, city life can be very lonely for some. And this is where friendship app Hey! VINA comes in. The app launches this week and is being dabbed the Tinder for BFFs.

> Taylor and her #squad

‘We built this app to solve our own needs as women who have moved, travelled, changed careers and shifted lifestyles and life stages,’ Olivia June Poole, the app’s co-founder told FastCompany. The app is currently being trialled in San Francisco but the company looks to roll it out in other cities if it’s successful.

Utilizing Tinder’s swiping technology, Hey! VINA doesn’t just match you with potential besties based on appearance and location, but also asks you to complete an 8-question quiz about yourself.  Further down the line the founders plan to introduce BuzzFeed-style quizzes such as “Who’s your sitcom BFF?” to help narrow down your search.

Designed exclusively for females looking for female friendships, Vina’s website tells us that they are “dedicated to building global communities of women who make each other feel supported, inspired, free, and above all else, happy.” We sure can’t argue with that….

Would you use a mobile app to find a new bestie? Let us know in the comments.

By Elizabeth Bennett