Why People Aren’t Happy With Tinder Right Now

Safe to say, people are NOT very happy with the folks at Tinder right now. 

The unthinkable happened this week, when the dating app experienced technical issues so severe that people seemed to be losing their matches.

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Just imagine, all of those potential prince charmings, gone in an instant. 




According to BBC News, Tinder went down for five hours, between 7pm and midnight. Matches disappeared and messages weren’t being delivered.

What on earth were us single people supposed to do with our evening?! We joke.

Naturally, people weren’t happy. Taking to social media to air their upset, one wrote, ‘WHYYYY I’ve met the man of my dreams but I can’t reply to him’.

Other comments included, ‘I just lost all of my tinder matches. This is the worst day ever. Like I didn’t even get to say goodbye’ [sic].

Like a white knight, Tinder made an announcement to explain that they were working hard to fix the problem. And that it wasn’t as bad as it had first seemed. 


They said, ‘We’re experiencing some issues at the moment. Some users might not be able to log in. We apologize for the inconvenience.’

The dating gurus also assured us, ‘If it looks like your matches have disappeared, don’t worry! They’re still there. We’re working on it. Your matches will reappear shortly’.

So we can ALL breathe a sigh of relief, guys.

And thank goodness our swiping finger is still in shape.