Get Ready To LOL At This Supermodel

Tilda Lindstam is the supermodel gaining a cult following on Instagram for her hilarious documentation of life in the fashion industry. Cara Delevingne may have been known for her goofy faces, but Tilda Lindstam is fast taking her crown as the funniest model around.

From mocking the ‘glamour’ behind fashion shows to making fun of her appearance, Tilda has been cracking everyone up with her hilarious take on life as a model. Rather than glamorous bikini snaps, juice recipes and envy-inducing photos of how fabulous her life is, this model has a seriously different take on social media and we can’t get enough. Here are just some of her best bits.

“Me being humble enough to stop and take a photo with two fans”

Tilda Lindstam with the characters from Zoolander. Tilda poses with the characters from Zoolander after that Valentino show.

“Thank you @Dior for having me walk naked in the show yesterday and thank you to these three unimpressed cameramen for keeping me down to earth.”

Tilda Lindstam mocking the reactions for the cameramen at Dior. Tilda mocking the reactions of the cameramen seeing her at Dior.

“Copy my sh*t, expect to get hit”

Tilda Lindstam wearing a matching outfit to someone else. Mocking this matching outfit scenario.

“When you’re on a tinder date in the park and the papz won’t leave you alone @BenStiller”

Tilda Lindstam with Ben Stiller. Tilda with Ben Stiller after the Valentino show.

“My dressing area at the @dior show”

Tilda Lindstam's messy backstage photo. Tilda Lindstam mocks the glamour of the show.

“A stranger safety pinning my butt at work rn”

Tilda Lindstam getting herself safety pinned. Oh the strange things models have to do.

“Street Style”

Tilda Lindstam pulling a face. Tilda caught with a funny face during a ‘street style’ moment.

“Woke up like dis”

Tilda Lindstam in bed after the Givenchy show. Tilda Lindstam in bed after the Givenchy show. With chips.

In an interview with Dazed this summer, Tilda explained that she thought some parts of the fashion industry “are just silly and are taken more seriously than needed,” which certainly explains why she doesn’t take her job too seriously.

In a world where models can no longer rely on good looks alone, Tilda looks set for success with her naturally funny personality and deadpan humour. We spy huge things for the model who has already walked for the likes of Dolce & Gabbana and Chloe. A household name by the end of the year we predict!

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By Amy de Klerk