This Hack Will Ensure Your Tights Never Fall Down Again

Where would we be without tights in winter, eh?

They keep our legs warm, give our outfits a chic edge and let us get away with not shaving for roughly… ooh, six months of the year? Winner.

But there is one thing about our favourite hosiery that’s a tad annoying. Well, besides them constantly forming Scout-worthy knots in the washing machine.

Two words = SAGGY TIGHTS.



Let’s be honest. We’ve all been in a situation where we’ve tried to disguise an awkward pull-up while walking down the street/sitting in the office/getting on the bus.

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And while we try to kid ourselves that nobody can tell what we’re doing, we know we’re living a lie. *Sigh*.

This got us thinking… surely there’s an easier way?! And thankfully, we think we’ve found one. It’s time to wave goodbye to the days of having your tights fall down for GOOD.

Yep. Never again will you have the fear of someone spotting your crotch awkwardly poking out from the bottom of your skirt.



The clever people at Yahoo! have taught us this super-simple hack. Basically, you just need to wear an extra pair of pants on top of your tights.

As they describe it, it’ll be a ‘tight sandwich’.

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You’ll need to choose a fairly tight pair knickers, to make sure your stockings have no room whatsoever for unwanted movement.

Of course, there is a chance you’ll end up with a bit of a VPL, but your dress or skirt should cover that up fine.

It’s quirky, but we like it. BRB, we’re off to Primark to stock up on panties.