13 Thoughts That Sum Up Our Relationship With Rain

1. I spent ages on my beautiful bouffant hairdo… 

..And it’s definitely not beautiful or bouffant anymore. 


2. We think we look like this in the rain… 

3. …And, in reality, we actually look like this: 


4. Public transport becomes the most undesirable thing in the world. 

5. In fact, so is going outside. Period. 

6. Puddles = pain. 

Especially if you need to get somewhere quickly…


7. If you’re suddenly hit by a storm.

And you’re wearing your gorgeous new suede heels from Kurt Geiger. 

8. The mad dart to the shop on your lunch break.

Why oh why didn’t I bring a brolly?

9. Fake tan issues.

Your legs just end up looking like a mud slide. 

10. Panda eyes.

Water and make-up just don’t mix. 

11. It can put a dampner (excuse the pun) on a perfectly good day.

But it’s not all bad. PROMISE. 

12. It can be oh-so romantic… 

Who doesn’t want a movie-style kiss in the rain? 

13. It’s the perfect excuse to slob out.

Want to get out of those plans? Or simply snuggle up in your duvet watching Netflix?

It’s that time. 

By Laura Jane Turner