13 Thoughts Everyone Has When Their Parents Join Facebook

Everyone’s been there right? 

You’ve got five minutes to spare, so naturally you log into Facebook to have a mindless little scroll through life. OBVS. 

You land on the timeline – because if it doesn’t happen there, it just doesn’t happen anywhere. Next, you hit up your little red notifications, thus proving that we’re still remotely popular and totally have friends.

And there it is. The most ‘it’s complicated’ friend request you’ll ever receive. 

Hello Mum. 

It’s a real waterfall of emotions. You’re stuck somewhere in between heart-warming nostalgia and that blood-freezing dread.

But let’s face it, you want that extra ‘Friends (***)’ digit. And it’s your fam’. 



We’re pretty sure that everyone who finds themselves in this situation, goes through the same thought processes… 

1) Aw. Mum’s on Facebook. Cute. 

Kanye West  No

2) Wait. Mum knows how to USE Facebook? 

3) I hope she can type quicker than she can text. Awkward. 

4) Oh. Hang on. I need to actually respond to this friend request. 


Judge Judy Laptop Peek


5) Hold the phone. That means she’ll be able to see all of the university drunkenness. 

6) WAIT. I need to delete those photos from the time Sophie came to stay. Boy, that was a lot of Sambuca. What a mess. 

7) Delete. Delete. Delete. 

8) How the HELL do I change my privacy settings?



9) Mum, nobody cares how much you fancy Jeremy Kyle. Please stop posting status updates at 9.25am every morning, ta. 

10) P.S. You don’t need to comment on EVERYTHING. 



11) Pretty much every comment notification gives you The Fear. 

I'll Kill You

12) I can have male friends without there being anything going on, don’t cha know?

13) You dread every party in their diary. There’s just some things you don’t need to see your parents doing. EVER. 

Katy Perry

But we still love ’em… 

By Laura Jane Turner

Pictures: www.reactiongifs.com