Check out the VS show on 4Music at 4pm

Thought The Victoria’s Secret Show Had Finished? Not Yet…

Remember when the world went into meltdown last week? You might recall it had a little something to do with a certain lingerie brand. Yep, the Victoria’s Secret show had the world talking, and we poured over pictures of the Angels in their finest wings for days.


And, just in case you didn’t catch the full show- including performances by Taylor Swift and a very happy looking Ed Sheeran– you can tune into 4Music at 9pm today to get your VS fix. Just to remind you, the Angels have been out in force, parading around London in their best Christmassy undies to promote their descent on London. Check out Karlie, Alessandra, Adriana, Candice and co strutting their stuff in some pretty epic wings, even for their standard.


As yet, all we’ve seen from the show is a whole lot of pics- not to mention our own exclusive video- so we’re pretty darn excited to see the full shebang. In fact, we’re off to get our work done pronto, because come 9pm, you’ll find us glued to our TVs, armed with popcorn. Make sure you don’t miss it…

By Hannah Banks-Walker