This Victoria Beckham Outfit Picture Is Seriously Spooky

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Victoria Beckham has just majorly surprised us. 

Okay, we know that even celebrities re-wear outfits from time to time. But this is just spooky. 

The former Spice Girl no doubt has a whole wardrobe full of high-fashion dresses, and has been working her signature style whilst in Singapore promoting her latest accessories line – black, tailored and chic. 

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victoria beckham in the damned band t-shirt and jeans at airport Victoria Beckham wore this EXACT same outfit this time last year


But when it came to her final outfit, it was off-duty all the way as Victoria prepared to hit the airport and return to England. 

Sharing a snap of herself collapsed on a sun lounger dressed in dark blue roll-up jeans, a grey The Damned t-shirt, her gold watch and a pair of aviators, VB captioned the image: ‘Good bye Singapore, u have worn me out! Thank u Team VB #VBTour x vb.’

So what’s weird about this picture? Seeing the designer swapping her bodycon for a shabby chic oversized band tee? The fact that her sun lounger seems to be lying in a swimming pool? NO, NEITHER OF THOSE. It’s that she wore this exact outfit exactly one year ago. Yep, we’re officially weirded out.

victoria beckham in singapore in t-shirt and jeans Victoria Beckham gets silly in Singapore with her gal pals


After wrapping up her tour of Jakarta in May 2014, VB papped a photo of her at the airport doing her special Spice Girls dance to ‘Stop’ (LOLs) dressed in an identical outfit, even down to the accessories.

The only thing missing in her 2015 version of her favourite airport outfit is those goregous studded yellow flats, but we’re sure she was just about to slip them on once she’d got herself out of the pool and into her apartment. 

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victoria beckham in a plunging black dress at british airways Victoria Beckham has been pushing her accessories collection in Singapore


The spooky lookalike photo also proves that Victoria just doesn’t age, looking just as fresh and youthful as this time last year.

We all have our go-to travelling uniforms. And we have to say, VB picked a goodie… Hello, gorgeous groupie!