This New Supermodel Trend Is Blowing Our Minds

Photos: Rex

Karlie Kloss has been spotted out and about in one of her most daring looks yet.

We are not quite sure what to call it – it is a leather combo we can’t believe has actually been created. The never-ending boot? The never-ending legging? The thigh-high boot that pulls right up into a legging? Whatever you want to label the creation, they are one of the coolest inventions we have seen in a while and would really like a pair for ourselves.

They have been designed by Tamara Mellon – entitled the ‘Sweet Revenge Leather Legging Boot’ – and will set you back a cool £1, 595. Designed to create a flawless all-in-one silhouette, Karlie has certainly shown them off in super-stylish way. Teaming them with a pinstripe white shirt, timeless grey jumper and a Chanel bag, she’s absolutely nailed laid-back style.

If you can’t quite splurge on the designer leather creation like Karlie has, then get the look for less with a thigh-high boot and faux-leather legging like these lovelies we have spotted in ASOS.

Wear, like Karlie, with an officey-style on top for the day or team with an oversized sweater or blazer for a less sexy look. They will look great with a sparkly top for the evening if need to dress up.

By Amy de Klerk