People Aren’t Happy With This Morning’s #FigureFixing

Viewers of This Morning had a lot to say about one particular fashion segment on the show.

Trinny Woodall, who hosts her own style segment, dedicated her part of the show to ‘suck-me-in knickers and shapewear’.

Speaking to daytime TV hosts Ruth Langford and Rylan Clark-Neal, she explained that her idea for the feature was inspired by letters received by viewers. 

With the hashtag #FigureFixing in the bottom right hand corner of the screen, Trinny lead models out onto the stage wearing a mix of different body-shaping suits.

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But social media was quick to call it out, expressing concern that it could actually shame women into feeling the need to ‘fix’ their bodies. 

One tweet read, ‘#figurefixing on #thismorning is so stupid – figures don’t need to be fixed! It’s just encouraging us to want to hide our fat and lumps’.

Other comments included: ‘Hey @itvthismorning, ‘fixing figures’ implies those ladies figures are broken #justsayin #figurefixing’ and ‘Why does anyone need figure-fixing? Nobody’s figure needs fixing #beautifulfiguresarerealfigures’ [sic]. 

Others spoke out in defense of the feature, with one viewer saying, ‘after losing 11 stone 10 I still feel insecure so I don’t see the problem with wearing these #figurefixing’.

Perhaps it was the hashtag that upset some people, rather than the underwear itself. 

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Trinny praised her models, saying on the show, ‘I’d like to say they are brave to come on but all these women have such killer shapes.’

Of course, shapewear can be great, and even give you a confidence boost, but no-one should feel any pressure to wear it. 

Every body is beautiful.